Mini-portable machine


The benefits of the Mini-portable anaesthetic machine are:
• Fully mobile and transportable. Mount on the wall (brackets included) or place on a work surface. Only weighs 12kgs. Very small footprint, 34cm wide and deep, 44cm including drip stand.
• Includes the Humphrey ADE-circle anaesthetic breathing system®
• A 5 year service interval plan on the vaporiser: a technician only needs to service the vaporiser every 5 years! Huge savings on maintenance costs.
• Add the tax deductions claimable on lease payments, it makes even more sense.
• Added together these savings can easily cover the lease instalments even for a small clinic.
(Up-to-date analysis of savings on a separate sheet or on website).
• On completion of the 5 year lease all further savings add to profit!
Minimal maintenance costs and easily transported
• The Mini-portable stainless steel machine is designed for easy transport and is made to last for many years with minimal maintenance costs. Need to switch between theatres or practices? Easy! Pick up and go.
• New accurate vaporizers with a 5 year service interval again resulting in very low maintenance costs!
Patient and Environmental benefits
• Yes, the patient gets a better anaesthetic. Low flows preserve natural humidity and warmth.
The special “PEEP” exhaust valve on the ADE-Circle System® keeps the lungs open and prevents collapse.
• It’s green. Low flows reduce both theatre and atmospheric pollution.
• Isoflurane or the new sevoflurane vaporizer at no extra cost. Sevoflurane is fast being accepted as superior to isoflurane in many applications.
• For Medical and Vet use. Made to Medical & ISO standards. Tested to the highest medical manufacturing standards.
The final test of a good product
• Prestigious SABS Design and Engineering Awards. No other manufacturer has these awards!
Cost Effectiveness
• The Mini-portable machine offers a number of cost-effective benefits:
• 5 year service interval vaporizer (isoflurane or sevoflurane) – no expensive annual service charges
• The Humphrey ADE-circle system® – simple to use – unique valve that always saves gas – 300-500 ml/min fresh gas flows for all patients up to 50kg – proven track record over 30 years in human anaesthesia and 16 years in veterinary practice
• Better anaesthesia for the patient – the ADE-circle provides warmer humidified gases – unique exhaust valve offers “PEEP” (positive end-expiratory pressure) effect to keep lung alveolar from collapsing
• The ADE-circle® reduces costs of isoflurane and sevoflurane by up to 80%
• Significant reduction in theatre and atmospheric pollution
• Savings on oxygen, vapour and service costs self-finance the Mini-portable machine
• Generally a clinic that operates for 10 hours per week will find the savings will cover the costs of purchasing over a 3 year period and if bought on a lease this would be paid for over 5 years. After that the advantages are entirely to the advantage of the clinic and patient.